Best Antivirus Android Application 2022

Best Antivirus Android Application, Android is, after all, one of the most widely used operating systems in the world, and that means that it can be a major target for malicious users.

There is only so much you can do with your Android device, so getting malware to your smartphone or tablet is incredibly difficult, so it is important to install the best Android antivirus apps you can find in this article.

It is important that you have a good Android antivirus app installed on all your smartphones and tablets.

1. Norton Mobile Security App

Norton Mobile Security for Android offers a wide range of features, including App Advisor from Norton Mobile Insight, to get reviews before you install an application, which is very handy.

Other of its specialties includes call blocking feature that is added to protect user against spam calls, Wi-Fi security feature that warns user when he/she are connecting to unsecure wireless networks, and a theft protection feature that allows you to remotely lock stolen or lost devices and delete data.

The mobile security suite has also received high ratings for protection through its antivirus engine, based on the results of AV tests. Until recently, Norton was not rated by any other major testing laboratory, but now it has received a high rating from AV Labs, one of the largest and most respected AV testing laboratories in the world.

2. Avast Mobile Security App

The antivirus giant Avast has developed a high-quality app that goes beyond the everyday because it performs virus scans very well and is highly rated by independent testing laboratories.

Avast Mobile Security’s sophisticated features include an anti-theft system that allows you to track down your Android device and remotely lock it.

There are also some interesting features – advanced features, including a storage space – that clean up the trash and provide a RAM boost to speed up your device.

The app is now free and ad-supported, but you can pay a small monthly or annual premium to remove the ads if they bother you, though. If you paid for the full version of Avast Mobile Security or even the free version, you still have to pay.

3. Kaspersky Internet Security App

Kaspersky Internet Security benefits from a reputation that is up there with the big names like Bitdefender, and behaves like that. Perhaps not surprisingly, the free version of the Kaspersky security android app has several smart features, including first-class malware detection based on reviews from independent testing laboratories.

There is also an important anti-theft feature that allows you to find the location of your Android device if it is lost or stolen.

You can also remotely wipe and lock the data on the phone or snap a photo of the person using the device, which could be very useful if it is a thief.

You can also remotely trigger an alarm, which can be useful if you have lost your phone, and it works in conjunction with the alarm system.

Another awesome feature of this android app is the mixture with Android Wear, which simplifies management of secutiry. If you choose Kaspersky Internet Security Android Premium, you will get a manual start (as opposed to manual starts) and anti-phishing protection that is more secure online.

As mentioned earlier, the app is free, which is always a great boon, but there is a paid version and some important features are reserved for it.

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