Change Male Voice To Female Voice By Voice Changer Using Android App


Sometimes you want to deceive your friend or someone else, but you don’t want your voice revealed. Now it is possible to turn a voice into a female voice via an app, which is possible with any app.

There are some excellent voice assistant apps, but the audience is small, so why talk like a girl? The irony is that smartphones are the most powerful devices for generating and storing this type of audio or voice, and there are few excellent voice changer apps.


These apps allow you to convert a male voice into a female voice for a conversation.

This is a complex subject, but it is one of the most important for the future of voice assistants in this area.

There are open-source voice-switching machines, and most of us do the same and use them, but many developers have developed decent apps that can change the voice in various ways. Here is the list of some of the best voice changer android applications.

Change Male Voice To Female Voice By Voice Changer Using Android App
Change Male Voice To Female Voice By Voice Changer Using Android App

1. VoiceChanger (AndroidRock) App


Voice Changer android app developed by AndroidRock is an above ordinary Voice Changer app with a wide selection of language settings via options for Android, iOS, and Android.

The app also allows you to add filters to a previously recorded audio file and record it in any language. The filters can be used in various ways, such as voice-over, voice-over, and voice modulation.

It works with most voice switching apps and supports over a dozen effects, including a wide range of sound effects for different types of music and music genres and a variety of other products.

It works as well as you might expect and is accessible without in-app purchases; however, there are some ads, but it works well.

This is one of the best apps to change your voice while applying effects to audio, and it is straightforward to use. It can create fantastic and fun products, but it is a good app that changes the voice without affecting the sound.

2. Robovox App

The Roblox is recommended by many of our readers, and although I am not a big fan of the design, this model has a great design and an excellent value.

I experience all the features, and I am a big fan of the features of RoboVox like the power button, remote control, touchscreen, and other functions.

It has 32 voice filters that can be done by changing pitch, adding different filter types, changing the angle, and changing voice through headphones.

You can change male voice to female voice by this voice changer using this android application.

You record your voice, transform it with RoboVox, play it, and change it live with headphones or transform and transform it in parrot mode, automatically repeating the changed voice.

It is one of the most potent voice recorders currently available on the market. It is suitable for all types of voice recording, recording, playback, and voice conversion.

You can also control the strength of the filters for various effects, and the app also has a ringtone sound memory and the ability to store sounds as ringtones.

3. Voice Changer ( Handy Tools Studio ) App

With this Voice Changer android application, you can now send voice messages and effects to your friends with voice messages effects. It has some decent simple voice effects, including some hilarious ones (think Alvin and the Chipmunks), but it’s not half as bad as the voice switches in the app.

You can also play with the voice list by recording it to Messenger or phone calls, and it works with most others.

Also, the best thing about this android application is that you can easily change male voice to female voice or female voice to male.

The app also allows you to filter previously recorded audio files, and it also has a reverb phrase that adds a slight echo to your voice. Add effects, record your voice, add products, and enjoy them like any voice recording app or even a voice recorder.

The app is entirely free but with ads, but the ads are a little annoying, And I hope there is a good, cheap premium version to remove it.

Overall, there is no problem with this voice changer android application. You can easily edit or convert your voice into any voice by just changing pitch and another setting.

4. Voice Changer with Effects (Baviux) App

Voice Changer With Effects by Baviux is the best app for voice changers on Android, and the proof of that is in the millions of users around the world who enjoy it. Have you ever heard a voice sound like that, be it a robot, squirrel, or monster?

Voice Changer With Effects is an app that makes you laugh, and if you want to have fun with it, this app is for you. Baviux Voice Changer With Effects android app is one of the most popular voice changers on Android, with over 1.5 million downloads in the last few months.

If you want to change something you already have, you can import an audio file and import it into the app. You can record it and apply the effects you like, and if your app supports audio files, send it to anyone who wants it.

Then we can set a ringtone or a notification tone or save everything and use it as a language changer. It includes various effects, such as language changes, sound effects, and even voice-over effects.

Using this voice changer android application, you can also convert male voice to female and female voice to male.

The app runs for $2.99 for the premium version, and it’s free to use with Google Play Pass if you use it or free with the free version of the app on Android.


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