How To Remove Audio From a Video On Android Using Android App

Remove Audio From A Video On Android Using Android App, If you recorded a video and the audio in that is not good or anything and now, you want to remove the audio from that video.

So what will you do?

In that case, you can remove audio from that video through a PC or computer software.

And what if you don’t have a PC.

In that situation, you can some android apps to edit your video and remove the audio from that video. And not only this you can also do many more amazing things that a computer video editing software can do.

Like you can trim any part of your video, add music, remove the original video, add filters, slow motion, and many more things.

Overall, you can also do professional editing with android video editing applications.

So if you also want to do editing and remove audio from a video in android, read this article at last. I will tell you about 2 applications that will help you to do editing on your Android smartphone easily.

And the best thing is, both the applications are free and you can easily download them from your android Google Play Store. So let’s take a look at both the android apps.

1. Viva Video App

Viva Video is android video editing applications that are very famous and used by millions of people. This video editor mainly famous for its filters feature. You can add filters to your live video with this application.

And not only filters there are many more amazing features in this application like you can add music in your videos, change the color of the video, add animations, and many more things that you can do with pc software too.

So, coming to the main point, in this Viva Video video editing application you can also remove audio from any video. And can edit that audio too. And you can replace the audio with any other music in your video.

This means it allows you to edit as you want. Overall, with Viva Video you can edit videos as you want. Viva Video editing android app is free to download. However, there are some features that you can only use by purchasing its premium pack.

Viva Video editing application is available on the Play Store for absolutely free.

2. PowerDirector App

This is another video editing software that is very famous and it is also used by millions of people. But especially YouTubers and other video content creators use this application to edit their videos on smartphones.

This application also has many features and you can edit your video like a professional with this application. It has every those feature that you require to edit videos.

The best thing is that it also a Chroma Key feature through which you can remove the background of your video and use another.

So, with this application also you can remove audio from a video. You can remove audio add any other audio or music and anything you want to do.

Like the Viva Video application, it is also free and available at the play store. However, it’s some premium pack also available but you can also use its free version.

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