How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages On Android

How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages On Android, In today’s time, all the important works like School, Office work, and many other things shift online.


And the most usable android application for school work or office work is Whatsapp. Millions of people use Whatsapp to chat and to share images, videos, and documents with each other.

So, if you are using Whatsapp for school classes, or Office work, and any other important work. You must read this article at last.

If in case you deleted any message accidentally, What you will do?

So in that case some software will help you to recover that deleted messages or chats.

If you also accidentally deleted an important message and know wants to recover it, so read this article at last because I will help you to recover all those deleted messages easily.

1. Recover Deleted Messages With Whatsapp Autosave Feature

There is a WhatsApp pre-default feature that allows you to recover deleted messages very easily. But only when you turned on the Auto-save or Backup option.

Whatsapp asks every WhatsApp user to turn on the Backup option or Auto-save option. If you previously enable that option, then only you can recover your accidentally deleted messages.

So, if you have previously enabled that option and accidentally deleted any message. Just uninstall your WhatsApp and again download it from Google Playstore.

Now after installing it again, just enter your mobile number and login with OTP. Then WhatsApp automatically asks you to recover the backup. Then you have to allow that. And all your backup that you previously enabled, recovers.

And your all messages that are pre-saved will recover. But always remember that you have a backup of all those messages and data.

But if in case you didn’t have any backup. Then you can use another method to recover deleted messages.

2. Recover Deleted Message Through PC Software

Now, if you didn’t have any backup for data of WhatsApp, then you can use this method to recover deleted messages of the WhatsApp Android application.

So to do it. Firstly you have to install software on your PC, or laptop. You will get that software for free easily on the internet. The name of that software is Dr. Fone.

So after installing this software, you have to connect your mobile phone with a USB cable to your PC. Then you have to allow the storage permission to your mobile phone.

Then you have to select a WhatsApp deleted messages to recover option in Dr. Fone you have to click on that. And it will show all the deleted messages of your WhatsApp.

Then you can easily copy or recover them on your smartphone or PC. So it is also the best and easiest method to recover Whatsapp Deleted Messages.

But just you need a PC or a laptop for this.

However, there are some android applications also that can recover deleted messages. But those applications are not secure. Means your privacy is at risk if you use those applications. And also some recovery applications don’t work.

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