How To Put Instagram On Dark Mode On Android

How To Put Instagram On Dark Mode On Android, Nowadays, social media is very much famous and used by millions of peoples. Social Media has the biggest audience power. Because millions of people are daily active on social media.

Many peoples are getting famous on social media and not only for entertainment purposes also many big companies and firms are using social media to market their brands and name.

Just because advertising through social media can give you thousands of engagements, and the reach of social media is very high.

Now, coming to the point. Instagram releases many new updates. And one of the most demanded by people update is Dark Mode or Night Mode.

Just because people every day scrolling Instagram, there is a high chance of eye damage. Because the interface of Instagram is very light and of white color.

Why Dark Mode is Beneficial?

There are many benefits of using Instagram or other social media applications on Dark Mode or Night Mode.

Just because of the dark mode you can easily scroll Instagram or do anything on social media without eyes pain. Mainly at night, many peoples suffer eye pain while using social media.

That’s why Whatsapp, Facebook, and now Instagram also adopted the feature of dark mode or night mode.

After the coming of Dark Modes in other social media android applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, peoples also demand dark mode for Instagram.

So a few months back Instagram also brings Dark mode in their updates. So now, after enabling Dark Mode on Instagram you can use it for a long time without any eye-pain or illness.

According to a study, it is said that Because of Dark Mode the focus of work increases. And if you work on for a long time without dark mode, so it can cause illness.

Illness is a major issue if you use social media or mobile phones for a long time. So no, let’s take a look at how you can enable Dark Mode in your Instagram Android App.

How To Put Instagram On Dark Mode

Now, to put your Instagram account or android app in dark mode. Firstly you have to update your Instagram application in order to put it in dark mode.

After updating the Instagram android app you have to log in to the application.

Then, you have to go to your Instagram Id settings options. Then scroll down. There is an option of THEMES. Click on that and there are two options of Light Mode and Dark Mode. Simply click on Dark Mode.

All Done!

Now you can use your Instagram application on Dark Mode. It is a very easy task to put Instagram on Dark Mode.

If in case, your Instagram application does not put on Dark Mode. Just restart your Instagram application. Many times it happens that after enabling Dark Mode, your Instagram Android App not show it.

Well, finally this is the only way to put the Instagram android app on Dark Mode. And it is the easiest and simplest way to turn on Dark Mode on Instagram.

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