How to Hide Any Application on Android

How To Hide Any Application On Android, Privacy matters a lot for everyone. If you have to share your phone with anyone or with your siblings, so of course you don’t want to show them some applications.

So, in that case, you have to delete all its data or either uninstall that application from your phone.

But don’t worry there are many applications or some features of your phone that will help you in this matter.

Well, In this article I will tell you how to hide applications on an android phone. You can do this without any application and with some applications too.

After hiding any application you can unhide and use that application anytime when you want. No one can find or use that application without your permission.

Amazing! Right?

So, read this article at last if you also want to do so.

How to Hide Any Application on Android Without Any Android Apps

Yes, it this possible to hide any application without any third-party app. Most smartphones have the feature to hide the application from the app menu or app drawer.

But some smartphones do not have this app hiding feature. Don’t worry if your phone does not have this feature then you can use another method to hide the application.

First of all to hide any application, just go to your phone app drawer or menu first and click on three dots on the right side. There you will find an option called Hide Apps. Just click on it and select any application.

Then your selected will not be shown on the in-app menu. Then you can unhide that application from that option.

It is the simplest way to hide any application from your android smartphone.

As I told you, that if you didn’t have this feature on your phone then you can use the second method also. So let’s check out that method to hide the android application.

How to Hide Any Application on Android
How to Hide Any Application on Android

How to Hide Any Application on Android Using An Android App

This method is for those people who didn’t have an app hide feature on their phone. So there are many applications available on Google Play Store that can hide the app from your app drawer.

So in order to do so, use the APP LOCK application. This APP LOCK android app is the best app to hide or lock any application in an android smartphone.

With this application, you can also Lock your smartphone with any android application. You can add pattern lock, or any type of lock-in any application.

Well, there is a very great feature of this application by which you can hide any application from your smartphone app drawer.

And after hiding the application you can use that application by any method like dialing a number or using a calculator also. This means you can decide some codes, and when you perform that action or code, the app that you hide will start.

So that your hided application will be safe and only you are able to use and unhide that application.

The APP LOCK application is freely available on Google Play Store.

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